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Blackbird specially-priced tickets

If you are a student, senior citizen or member of the military - you can get tickets to any Jobsite show any night for $10 with cash and a valid ID at the Ticket Office Window. The preview for Blackbird at 8pm on Wed., Sept. 10 is a flat $10 no matter who you are - and rush tickets are just $5.

Blackbird PR 005

Una and Ray had a relationship that resulted in disastrous consequences. Ray moved on with his life, ensuring that they would never set eyes on each other again. Fifteen years later, Una has found Ray.

Never has a more thought-provoking play been written about such a taboo subject. The play explodes with unresolved and possibly irresolvable concerns that make it one of the most daring new plays in recent theater. Blackbird is a brilliant, unnerving and controversial play that taunts us with the limits of our own language and our conceptions of love, abuse and that much-abused neologism "closure".

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